Ready to build?

Here are some ways we can work together:

Energy Work

1. Book your Distance Reiki session. You can schedule your Distance Reiki session right here! Because it’s done long-distance, you can receive your session right where you are. Follow the link below to find out how Reiki can help you and how to make your appointment today!

Visuals & Media

2. Contract me for your project. I’ve worked with independent media makers, small businesses and non-profit organizations who send positive messages into the world. I especially love offering my artistry to amplify messages of love, cultural pride, environmentalism, family, healing and social reflection. Check out my portfolio to see if my work is a good fit for your project. Currently my visual & media services are focused on illustration and video editing.

3. Feature my work. My work has been part of group shows and exhibits. If you see any pieces here that might fit your event, send me an email at, telling me a bit about what you have in mind. I love sending out my creative babies to keep expanding the conversation!

If you think of other ways to collaborate, feel free to send me a message below!

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